A Question Answering and Quiz Generation Chatbot for Education
Published in the proceedings of Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI), 2019

There have been a number of chatbots developed for education. While many of them are designed to answer queries based on publicly available or predefined knowledge base, there is no possibility of customizing the information to be queried. There are no chatbots capable of generating self assessment quizzes based on any given document. This paper proposes a Question Answering and Quiz Generation Chatbot that allows a user to perform answer extraction and question generation on any input document.

A Survey of Techniques for Improving Security of GPUs
Published in the Journal of Hardware and Systems Security, 2018

Graphics processing unit (GPU), although a powerful performance-booster, also has many security vulnerabilities. Due to these, the GPU can be vulnerable to stealthy malware. In this paper, we present a survey of techniques for analyzing and improving GPU security. We classify the works on key attributes to highlight their similarities and differences. Alongside informing users and researchers about GPU security techniques, this survey aims to increase their awareness about GPU security vulnerabilities and potential countermeasures.


Aug 2023: I’m attending GREPSEC VI and USENIX Security!
Jun 2023: I’m serving on the USENIX Security '23 Artifact Evaluation committee
Apr 2023: I've been honored with the College of Engineering Graduate Enhancement Award at NC State
Apr 2023: I'm presenting a poster at the Graduate Student Symposium, NC State
Mar 2023: I'm attending WiCys 2023 at Denver, Colorado
Jan 2023: I'm the teaching assistant for CSC 433: Privacy in the Digital Age
Aug 2022: Started my Ph.D. at NC State!